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Fresh Sprouts

Soil grown organic sprouts are one of the must-eat-foods that should be incorporated in your diet on a daily basis – throughout your life.

Welcome to Rejuvenating Spring!

We are a family owned and operated company dedicated to health, happiness and longevity. Promoting a lifestyle in harmony with nature ~



Sacha Inchi Seeds

A delicious, nutty flavour filled with essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids, the richest source found in nature. Kindly grown for us by the Amazon rainforest, these seeds contain a precursor to the anti-inflammatory prostaglandin 3. Sacha Inchi seeds grow in the tropics in star-anise shaped pods and draw their nutrition from the fertile soils of jungle-like…

Need A Drink? Think…Kombucha!

Kombucha is the new most popular drink amongst health enthusiasts. Kombucha is a traditional beverage that originated somewhere in central asia and Russia and made its way into China and Japan some 2000 years ago.   Kombucha is originally a fermented black tea, made by use of a special large ‘micro-organism’ (made of yeast and…

Why Sprout?

FRESH “LIFE-FORCE NUTRITION” all year round! What are sprouts? Simply, they are microgreens, grown either in soil or water (known as hydroponic sprouting), that develop from a small seed into tiny plants. There are many different varieties to choose from, with a multitude of benefits. Eating sprouts is easy: they are crunchy, fresh, and vibrant,…

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