Limonada De Hierbabuena

Even though we aren’t able to travel to the beach, that doesn’t mean we can’t create beachy mocktails right in our kitchen! 

Check out this recipe for Limonada de Hierbabuena (mint lemonade), one of our favourite Costa Rican drinks. Simple, refreshing, and easy to make!

Limonada De Hierbabuena

  • 3-4 Rejuvenating Spring Limes

  • 5 sprigs fresh mint (only the leaves will be used)

  • Small Scoop of Ice

  • Agave Nectar or Raw Liquid Honey to Taste


  1. Wash mint leaves
  2. Squeeze the juice from limes
  3. Add mint leaves, lime juice, and ice to the blender
  4. Blend until smooth
  5. Add sweetness to taste

(if you choose to use less ice, add a bit of water instead, this will make more of a limeade rather than a slushie.)