Amla Juice – Nectar of Life

If you’ve never heard of Amla (otherwise known as Indian Gooseberry), allow us to introduce you to this incredible Indian Superfood. 

This green sour fruit is common in India & the Middle East where it is valued for it’s many healing properties. Amla has twice the antioxidant power than Açai and has almost 8x more vitamin C than orange!

The term “amla” comes from the Sanskrit word “Amlaki” meaning Nectar of Life. Amla helps build immunity, clear skin, strengthen hair and improve eyesight. 

Check out this recipe to kick the common cold and keep you healthy during this winter season! 

6 medium amla
1.5 tablespoon liquid raw honey
Pinch of Turmeric 
Pinch of Salt

1) Wash the Amla, finely grate them into a bowl.
2) Discard the seeds.
3) Place the grated Amla into a clean cheesecloth and squeeze out all liquid. 
4) Pour the Amla juice into reserved glasses and mix with turmeric powder, liquid honey and pinch of salt. 
5) Enjoy!